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PowerChek™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit series

PowerPrep™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit series provide rapid and efficient method for the isolation and purification of DNA and RNA from a variety of samples, including clinical specimen, food, plant, animal tissue and cultured cell so on.
The purified DNA or RNA are suitable for use in a wide range of downstream molecular-application such as Real-time PCR, PCR, sequencing, cloning, restriction endonuclease digestion and so on.


  • Simple & quick procedure : less than 100 mins
  • High yields of high quality DNA / RNA
  • Efficient extraction & purification from complex sample matrices
  • Scalable reagent volume by the samples
  • High binding capacity of silica column & resin

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Product List

Cat No. Product Size Price Add to list
E0016 PowerPrep™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit Ver.1.0 100 Request a quote
E0104 PowerPrep™ TB Extraction Kit [CE-IVD] 100 Request a quote
E0002 PowerPrep™ DNA Extraction from Food and Feed Kit 100 Request a quote
E0103 PowerPrep™ Gelatin DNA Extraction Kit 50 Request a quote
E0014 PowerPrep™ Quick DNA Extraction Kit 50 Request a quote
E0001 PowerPrep™ GMO Extraction Kit 100 Request a quote
E0006 PowerPrep™ GMO Extraction Kit II 100 Request a quote